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The world of Domhan Mor

Book 1- Roon & The White Raven


"A gnome with pitch-black eyes and gray skin was never meant to blend in, but such is the life of Roon Wesson. Burying himself in ancient books and tomes, he searches for any hint of where he came from. The Archives of Oakhurst, however, bring him little in the way of answers. That is, until late one night, a stranger approaches him, leaving the bewildered, young gnome with a rare book and something even more mysterious- a bone-white raven’s feather. Armed with a flicker of hope and his best friend, Po, at his side, Roon begins a perilous journey throughout Domhan Mor, searching for the feather’s owner and the truth behind who he really is.

All is not as it seems, though, as, unbeknownst to him, while Roon has been looking for long-sought answers, something dark and sinister is now looking for him."

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